Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sweet Garden

Satin Flower Earrings

Satin and shiffon flowers and leaf with matching beaded chains.
- 3.0'' total length
Product Code: E019

Urban Romance

Lacquered Heart Earrings

RM20.00 each

Large lacquered heart shaped cut-out pendant on a hook earring.
- 2.4" length
- Colour: Brown/Gold or Green/Silver
Product Code: E017 (brown), E018 (green)

The Smell of Sea (3)

Seashell Hoop Earrings


Large wire hoop earrings with seashell disc pendant.
- 2.0" dia
- Colour: Orange
Product Code: E016

The Smell of Sea (2)

Rose Seashell Earrings
RM6.00 each
Polished metal rose shaped cutout earrings with translucent seashell back and polished earwire hardware
- 2.0'' total length
- Colour: Beige or Black or Brown
Product Code: Beige (E013), Black (E014), Brown (E015)

The Smell of Sea (1)

Triple Seashell Hoop Earrings

RM7.00 each

Three small metal hoops with seashell discs strung together.
- 3.5" total length
- Colour: Turqoise or Pink
Product Code: E011 (turqoise), E012 (pink)